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NHRA Chassis Certs


CRT Performance is once again planning to host an NHRA Chassis Certification Session on February 20 & 21, 2010.  Joe Lease will be performing the inspections.  Summit Racing Equipment Motorsports Park will be handling the scheduling.  Call Netti at SMP 419-668-5555 or Tammy at CRT for more information.

CRT Performance appreciates all that our servicemen and servicewomen do to preserve our way of life.  Present your service ID or veteran's card for a special discount from CRT Performance.  Thank you for all you do!

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CRT Performance, LLC

Welcome to CRT Performance, Norwalk's performance automotive center. We're a full service speed shop that can supply the parts you need, provide competent quality installation of those parts, then roll your car around back to the dyno and see how much power those parts have made. We're not any old ordinary service shop, but rather a shop that caters to cars with personality and attitude!

Our tuning capabilities extend from the mild to the wild. We've seen almost every combination that you can throw at a Ford Mustang, from the typical bolt on performance modifications to state-of-the-art turbo and supercharger systems. We've helped customers work through performance issues and helped them realize their true capabilities by unleashing the performance in their cars. We've seen performance increases in excess of 150hp by the time that we've finished tuning cars. We've taken powerful monsters and given them street manners. From the easy to the difficult, CRT Performance has what it takes.

We're just not a tuning shop. We've got the skills and tools that make us a full service speed shop. From custom engine builds to suspension upgrades to supercharger installations, we can help get your project off the ground and onto the street.

What have we been doing? How about Phil Bastian's 2003 Mach 1 Mustang that we've built a carbureted 4.6L 4-valve motor for? With a compression ratio of 12.0:1, high RPM Sullivan intake and distributor drive / crank trigger assembly this motor will be insane. Add the 250-shot of the giggle juice and Phil's headed for the 9's. We've done a custom brake conversion, suspension upgrades and custom fuel system to round out the project. Look for Phil to hit the track with his new ride in 2010.

.Phil Bastian's 4V

Or how about Jim Adam's super clean 1993 GT? Jim's car is cleaner and tighter than almost any Fox-body you'll find in the Cleveland area. We built Jim a 427ci carbureted small block to add an air of distinction to his Fox. Topped out with lots of polish and chrome, this neat and tidy ride can be seen at many of the Cleveland area car shows.

Jim Adam's 93 GT

These are just a few of the recent projects and successes. From solving tricky carburetor issues with a 1953 Allard to swapping cams and dyno tuning a 2008 Corvette, CRT Performance has earned a reputation as the area's speed shop for quality work with knowledgeable personnel.

Zak and Jim Harty campaign Zak's 1997 Cobra in the NMRA and UMTR series carrying the CRT Performance stickers.  Zak's all-motor 4-valve Cobra turns low 11's using his SCT Pro Racer Package with CRT tuning.  For the 2010 season, Zak's trading in the 5-speed gearbox for a Dynamic C4 with a goal of improving the on-track consistency.  You can usually find Zak hanging around the races late on Sunday afternoons as he cuts his way deep into the ladders.

Zak Harty's 97 Cobra

With the help of Ron and Cory down at Fox Lake Power products, we recently modified Ted Ampezis' 2008 Mustang GT with a set of Fox Lake CNC 3-valve heads, a set of Comp Cams bump sticks, a host of other goodies and a little suspension work. Ted has run this normally aspirated, full-weight 5R55S automatic car deep down into the twelves...12.11 to be exact. Sporting a CRT Performance custom tune, Ted's automatic car has spun the Mustang Dyno rollers to more than 365 RWHP! That's no power-adder folks! In terms of power at the crank, Ted's car is sporting more than 1.5 hp per cubic inch from Ford's little 281ci mill. Word has spread and we continue to modify 2005+ 3-valve cars gunning for Ted's power and on-track results.

Ted Ampezis' 2008 GT

The list of tuning successes continues to grow, but make no mistake that CRT Performance is becoming the go-to source in north central Ohio for Ford performance.

CRT Performance provides custom EFI tuning capabilities for Ford vehicles via the SCT (Superchips Custom Tuning) system. We have the capability to tune any nearly any Ford gas vehicle with the SCT system. We have data-logging capabilities while on the dyno for EEC-IV, EEC-V and Spanish Oak processors. We can provide up to four different calibrations (tunes) on a single chip and up to three calibrations on SCT flash devices. The SCT network has a solution for almost any performance combination conceivable. Be sure to check out the product line here on our website.

Superchips Custom Tuning

CRT Performance uses HP Tuners for the late-model GM vehicles. With HP Tuner in our toolbox, it gives us the ability to serve another large group of performance enthusiasts.

We are extremely excited about CRT Performance and hope that our valued customers will honor us with their continued patronage. Whether its a Ford, Chevy or Mopar, car, truck or motorcycle, we want to be your one-stop performance experience.




2005+ Modulars


Modular Power


Let CRT pump up the volume on your new Mustang.

CRT Performance has teamed with Fox Lake Power Products to assemble power packages for almost any Ford 3-valve modular combination.

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From driveshafts to superchargers, we've got what it takes for the new generation of muscle cars.