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NHRA Chassis Certs


CRT Performance is once again planning to host an NHRA Chassis Certification Session on February 20 & 21, 2010.  Joe Lease will be performing the inspections.  Summit Racing Equipment Motorsports Park will be handling the scheduling.  Call Netti at SMP 419-668-5555 or Tammy at CRT for more information.

CRT Performance appreciates all that our servicemen and servicewomen do to preserve our way of life.  Present your service ID or veteran's card for a special discount from CRT Performance.  Thank you for all you do!

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Flash Devices, Chips & Electronics


CRT Performance offers several tuning options using the Superchips Custom Tuning, SCT, product line. SCT offers some of the most innovative and most comprehensive Ford tuning solutions on the planet! Let CRT Performance put our tuning skills and SCT’s products to work for you so that you can enjoy the true performance from your vehicle.  

Superchips Custom Tuning

SCT Touch Screen Xtreme

SCT Extreme Touch Screen
SCT Extreme Touch Screen SCT Extreme Touch ScreenSCT Extreme Touch Screen
  • Flashes & data logs the vehicle using wireless technology
  • 4" color touch screen display with automatic day/night modes
  • Most 1996-2010 gas & diesel vehicles support
  • Displays estimated 1/4 mile & 0-60mph ET, HP and TQ
  • User adjustable background graphics/gauge sets
  • Pre-loaded with dyno proven performance and fuel economy tune files.
  • View & record or monitor your vehicle's PCM data
  • Reads & clears OBDII diagnostic troubles codes quickly & easily
  • Easily increase the device storage space.
  • Sturdy suction cup mount allows for easy adjustment & easy device mounting.
  • Internal rechargeable battery for complete wireless operation. USB charging cable included.
  • Sleek compact design for reduced windshield interference & easy storage in glovebox or shirt pocket.


The Touch Screen Xtreme features the latest in wireless technology allowing you program or data log your vehicle wirelessly! Programming your vehicle with one of SCT's pre-loaded performance or fuel economy tune files is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply plug the wireless OBDII connector into your vehicle's OBDII port, select the pre-loaded tune file using the touch screen and within minutes the Touch Screen Xtreme wirelessly programs your vehicle.


Using the built-in Performance Calculator you can easily measure your vehicle's 1/4 Mile Elapsed Time, 0-60MPH Elapsed Time and even Horsepower & Torque ratings. The Touch Screen Xtreme accurately estimates your vehicle’s performance based on data monitored from the vehicle’s computer. Now you can easily measure performance gains before and after you make vehicle modifications!


The Touch Screen Xtreme backs up your factory PCM program during installation should you ever need to return your vehicle to the stock PCM program. Restoring your vehicle to the stock PCM program is as easy as selecting “Return to Stock” from the Vehicle Tuning screen.


Need more data other then just performance or fuel economy estimates? Easy! The Touch Screen Xtreme features built-in high speed data logging & monitoring of hundreds of PCM parameters. You can select each parameter using the device or download a copy of SCT's Live Link Data Logging software, create a list of parameters on your laptop or desktop PC and upload the list to the TSX device.

Prices starting from $879.00

Livewire Handheld Flash Programmer

SCT Livewire

Part Number: 9600

The SCT LIVEWIRE is NOT just another Flash Device. LIVEWIRE is the most ADVANCED Pre-Programmed & Custom Tunable Flash Device available on the market! Not only does LIVEWIRE arrive PRE-LOADED with Dyno Proven tune files specifically calibrated for your vehicle, it ALSO stores up to 3 Custom tune files! This allows you to retain the PRE-LOADED tune files and your factory uploaded tune file even after having your vehicle CUSTOM TUNED! LIVEWIRE also features high speed USB data logging of multiple OBD-II PCM parameters, a dedicated wideband air/fuel monitoring port, the ability to datalog an additional analog signal and real-time instrumentation.

Key Features:

  • Pre-Loaded with Dyno Proven Tune Files
  • Stores up to 3 Custom Tune Files
  • Reads / Clears DTC Trouble Codes
  • User Adjustable Features
  • Monitor Popular External Sensors
  • Estimates HP, TQ, 1/4 Mile ET & 0-60mph
  • High Speed Datalogging
  • Built-In High Intensity Shift Light

User Adjustable Features:

  • WOT Fuel Adjustment
  • Cooling Fan Temps
  • Fuel Injector Size
  • Spark Adjustment
  • Rev / Speed Limiters
  • Air Intake Selection
  • Axle Ratio
  • Idle RPM
  • Traction Control On / Off
  • Tire Size - Rev / Mile
  • Transmission Shift Points
  • Two StepOn / Off RPM
  • *Not all adjustments available on all vehicles 

Prices starting from $679.00


Ford Single or Multi-Program Eliminator Switch Chip
Part Number: 6600
SCT 4-Bank Chip


  • Holds up to 4 Custom Tune files
  • Mountable Switch Panel
  • Easily switch between Custom Tunes
  • Built In Anti Theft Selection that disables PCM
  • Perfect for Nitrous or Towing Applications
Multi Program Chips Overview:

SCT's single program and 5 program, 4 bank custom chips are specifically designed for your 1987-2005 Ford car or truck. Our industry first 5 program, 4 bank custom chips dramatically IMPROVE PERFORMANCE, TORQUE and HORSEPOWER while IMPROVING THROTTLE RESPONSE, and eliminating the factory REV and Speed Limiters. Easily switch between custom tune files using our Dial Selector. All single & multi-program chips ship blank. Custom tune files must be loaded by an SCT dealer.
Towing Made Easy:
Whether towing a light load or a heavily loaded race trailer, SCT has a CUSTOM TUNE for your gas or diesel truck. No more struggling up mountains or hills, simply switch Power Levels before the incline and enjoy MORE POWER and MORE TORQUE instantly.
The Eliminator Switch Chips hold up to 4 Custom Tune Files!

With up to 4 custom tune files now you can easily switch between files on the fly! Nitrous, Towing, or multiple octane gas types, the proper tune file is just a switch away.
Performance Levels!

Easily switch between factory, towing, or street performance and race performance tune files. Custom tuning using SCT’s 4-bank multiple program chip. Used in conjunction with the CRT Performance chassis dyno, we can custom program your vehicle with up to four (4) programs on a single chip.
 Priced at $299. 

Ford SF3/X3 Flash Device
Part Number: 3015/3000
SCT SF3/X3 Flash Device

The X3/SF3 Flash Device:

The X3/SF3 is a very advanced version of the SCT XCalibrator flash tool. To meet customer’s requests and to include advanced technology, SCT has added more features to the X3/SF3 than any other flash tool on the market. Just as the original XCalibrator, the X3/SF3 can be programmed to work on any ODB-II equipped Ford vehicle from 1994-2010.

X3/SF3 comes can hold up to 3 custom tunes for your vehicle! 

X3 Power Flash Handheld Programmer Key Features:

  • Latest Flash Technology
  • Pre-Loaded with Dyno Proven Tune Files or Custom Tuned by CRT Performance
  • Reads / Clears DTC Trouble Codes
  • User Adjustable Features
  • Monitor Popular External Sensors
  • 2010 Models Supported
  • Built-In High Speed Datalogging

User Adjustable Features:

  • WOT Fuel Adjustment
  • Idle RPM
  • Spark Adjustment
  • Transmission Shift Points
  • Axle Ratio
  • Fuel Injector Size
  • Tire Size - Rev / Mile
  • Air Intake Selection
  • Cooling Fan Temps
  • Traction Control On / Off
  • Rev / Speed Limiters
  • Two StepOn / Off RPM
  • * Not all adjustments available on all vehicles
Pre-Loaded Dyno Proven Tune Files (SF3 Device Only):

The SF3 arrives Pre-Loaded with DYNO Proven tune files that INCREASE HORSEPOWER, TORQUE and EVEN FUEL MILEAGE!  The X3 is custom tuned by CRT Performance to match the unique characteristics of your vehicle.

Large Backlit Screen:

With a HUGE Backlit display, the SCT X3/SF3 Power Flash makes it EASY to read the Built-In Data Logging or Real Time Monitored Vehicle Data, view popular sensor data such as EGT, Air / Fuel Ratio or any other 0-5 Volt source via the Dual Input Analog port.
Read / Clear DTC Codes:

Using the X3/SF3 Power Flash Device, you can now Read, Clear & Diagnose Trouble Codes without the expensive diagnostic fees charged by dealerships or your local garage.

Priced at $399.95


Big Air MAF Meters
Part Number: BA-2600 / BA-3000 / BA-5000
SCT BA2600 Meter SCT BA2500 Meter

Tired of dealing with standard mass air units that are too small for your boosted application? Try SCT’s BIG-AIR Mass Air Meter!  

The BIG-AIR Mass Air Meter beats them all! SCT Big AIr High Flow MAF Meters


Key Features:

  • Aluminum Housing - Less Heat - Perfect for dual power adders
  • BA-2600 Supports up to 700RWHP
  • BA-3000 Supports up to 825RWHP
  • BA-5000 Support up to 725RWHP
  • OEM Quality Calibration for Factory Drivability, Reliability, Repeated Accuracy
  • Direct Replacement for '03-'04 Cobra's & 2000+ Lightnings 
Call for help choosing the right meter for your combination

BA-2600 $239.95
BA-3000 $239.95
BA-5000 $239.95
Pro Racer Package  
Part Number: 3442
SCT Pro Racer Package

It's here! A single PCM package that gives the hardcore racer the control he has been dying to have. SCT Ford Tuning Software gives you COMPLETE control of the PCM for all your tuning needs!

Tune like the pro's and eliminate the guess work with a system that has been field tested and proven to work.

Now available in two versions! Burn your tune to a 5 position Eliminator chip that plugs into the PCM or flash the computer through the diagnostic port with SCT’s X3 Flash Tool. Built in help files, with the ability to document your changes. Easy to use, Windows based program. Support for most Ford ECM's (9000+) 

PRP purchases include technical support from CRT Performance and a base tuning file to get you started!


Software Only Version $349.99
Software + X3 Flash Package $649.99
Software + 6400 Chip & Burner $749.99
CRT Performance Custom Switch Plate
For use with our SCT 6600 4-program switch chips. This custom designed switch plate fits perfectly in the 99+ change keeper location or is easily mounted anywhere for easy access. Switch between programs on-the-fly with confidence that you're switching to the program that you're after!
CRT Custom Switch Plate
$29.95 (switch & cable not included)
CRT Performance can tune almost any late-model Ford product. Call us today to see how we can help you.  
-------- NOTICE --------
A programming fee of $100.00 may be applied for devices not purchased through CRT Performance. Please call us with your needs prior to ordering devices from other sources that may promise the 'cheapest price on the internet'. We can not work with their files installed on the device at the time of purchase and will have to create your files from scratch in order to provide you with the most performance, drivability and ultimate satisfaction. In most situations, buying direct from CRT Performance will save you time, money and frustration over the meager savings that the 'internet whores' offer. 

For our GM and Chrysler Customers

CRT offers a number of tuning options for our GM and Chrysler product customers.  

HP Tuners

For our GM customers looking for that custom tuning experience, we offer personalized custom tuning using the HPTuners software. This option allows for convenient flash/re-flash of the PCM directly from the laptop. HPTuners licenses are purchased at the time of tuning. Licensing costs start at $199 and vary by model/year. Call today for your vehicle's application.



The TunerCAT program us to make a wide variety of calibration changes to your vehicle's ECM/PCM. TunerCAT has many ECM binary definitions available for the earlier GM EFI flashable (OBDI/OBDII) vehicles not available with the HPTuners software. 1995/96 F-Body LS1and 95-98 C/K Trucks are available through TunerCAT. Call today to see if your vehicle is available.

Other EFI Tuning Options


Edelbrock Pro-Flow EFI

Performer and Performer RPM Pro-Flo Multi-Point EFI Systems
FAST XFI™ Electronic Fuel Injection System FAST XFI
Split Second R4 Split Second's R4 Controller
MegaSquirt & MegaSquirt II Megasquirt
Screaming Eagle Harley-Davidson Screaming Eagle

Dynojet Power Commander
Dynojet Power Commander

Need a stand-alone injector, fuel or timing controller for that special project? Let CRT Performance help. We've got solutions for even the most difficult applications. For example, we can custom fabricate, install and tune secondary injector drivers to give that extra shot of fuel needed under heavy boost.  

Pre-programmed Tuning Options

CRT Performance also offers several different options of pre-programmed tuning options for our Ford, GM and Chrysler customers, both cars and trucks. Though not as versatile as custom tuning, these pre-programmed tuners offer many benefits including increased power, increased mileage, and improved shift performance. Call today for your vehicles applications.

Internet Buyers

As an SCT Authorized dealer/tuner, CRT Performance has access to more than 41,000 calibrations through the SCT dealer network. We can custom burn your calibrations and ship them to you (usually next day) for you to install yourself. We stand behind our calibrations and will re-program to your original combination at no additional charge. [A re-programming fee may be applied if the re-calibration is due to changes in your vehicle from the original calibration configuration.]

Prices are subject to change without notice. Call or email for latest pricing.