In addition to the dedicated service bays, we also have a 20’ x 40’ dyno bay equipped with an in-ground Mustang Dyne MD-1100SE dynamometer.

Our dynamometer is capable of more than 1100 horsepower and 200 MPH! The easy on, easy off nature of the in-ground dyno makes it perfect for club days and dyno shootouts. It also makes it a breeze to tune your car without having to tip-toe around catwalks 5-foot in the air like at other shops. Since we use the Mustang Dyno, an eddy current brake dyno, we can simulate nearly any condition your vehicle might see. This gives us the uncanny ability to resolve drivability issues that other shops won't even notice.  We can even make 1/4-mile runs on our dyno, complete with 60', ET and MPH splits.

We provide high quality and experienced dyno tuning services. If you're looking for a few quick pulls to see what the car/truck/bike puts down, we've got a value package that suits your needs. We also offer very affordable full service dyno tuning on our Mustang Dynamometer that will get your ride running at peak performance.

Whether its carbureted or EFI, we've got the experience and the tools to do the job. We are professionally trained and certified in electronic fuel injection (EFI) tuning and make considerable investments in continuing education to ensure that we're on top of the latest technologies coming out of Detroit.

We offer the following price estimate list as an example of our basic cost structure. Since all vehicles and services are unique, we will provide a detailed cost estimate for your approval before beginning any work on your vehicle. Parts and sales tax not included unless otherwise noted. Prices subject to change without notice.

Basic 3-pull session (accurate pulls) with A/F meter - $125.00
Hour Rate with Tuning Support by CRT - $140/hour
O2 Bung Installation (bunk & plug included) - $75.00 (call ahead please)
Boost/Vacuum Measurement - No additional Charge

Shop fees (miscellaneous supplies, etc.) apply as does local sales tax. We also have access to numerous machine shops for support work.

Most EFI vehicles take a minimum of 3-hours to dyno tune properly. Forced induction vehicles may take longer depending on the combination, level of boost, etc. We follow a very methodical process for tuning of all vehicles to ensure the highest quality product possible. Some vehicles require additional road testing & tuning to supplement the dyno work. If we determine that your vehicle requires this additional road tuning, we'll attempt to let you know at the time of scheduling so that you can make alternate arrangements for travel to and from the shop.

Check out our Tuning Tips before you schedule your next dyno or tuning appointment!

  • We have dual modules for intake boost and vacuum. Call for details.

  • Our dyno is equipped with an on-board weather station to calculate the weather correction factors.

  • We have tail-pipe adapters that will allow for A/F measurement without the need for drilling and welding an O2 bung at the collector. Call for details.

  • Car club and multi-user discounts for the dyno are available. Call for pricing and scheduling.

  • Dyno tuning sessions are also available in conjunction with our various tuning solutions.


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